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Our Story

Kolya Naturals is a botanical apothecary, organic spa, and plant-based skincare boutique based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We thrive in connection to nature. As natural skincare junkies and unapologetic purists, we are constantly seeking new, fresh botanical treasures to share.

We work with companies whose values align with ours; the stocked brands focus on sustainability and ethical trade. We have always been committed to the wellbeing of the earth, which is why we are thrilled to officially launch our Refill Station on Earth Day 2021!

Kolya’s Refill Station is the next phase in our path to carbon-neutral living. We believe in positively supporting one another towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle, no matter where we are in our personal journey.

Reading this likely means you have some interest in living a more sustainable lifestyle, or wish to learn more about natural wellness. Take a look around and read about Kolya’s own journey from our conception as a skincare boutique to the thriving community it is today. Welcome to our family!


Nicola, Kolya's founder, begins her studies in Aromatherapy and Herbalism with Robert & Laurie Szott-Rogers, where her passion for plant medicine is sparked. She starts working in a local health food store, which in her opinion, was the greatest job in the world.


After completing her diploma in massage therapy, Nicola begins her degree in Anthropology with a focus on cultural medicine at the University of Alberta.


Nicola meets her life partner John at Optimum Health Vitamins, whose practice is deeply rooted in nutritional and herbal sciences. Optimum Health soon evolves into their full time family-run business.


Nicola & John are introduced to Dr. Hauschka skincare. It is here that Nicola discovered the world of plant-based beauty, and realized that—yes! It is possible to work with the natural rhythms of one’s skin & body, instead of battling against it. Nicola became enchanted with natural skincare like a new best friend. The love affair continues to this day...


Life takes a profound turn (as is always the case when a first child is born) when Nicola & John welcome their daughter Tia into the world. It is time to learn how to juggle an argent entrepreneurial life with the depth and beauty of raising a family.


The Conception of Kolya Naturals

To better train Optimum Health staff in natural skincare, Nicola takes Dr. Hauschka's aesthetic training, where she is taught the intricacies of natural skincare and following nature's rhythms. Inspired, she begins the plans for one of Edmonton's first organic skincare boutiques & spa.


Kolya Naturals Opens It's Doors

On Whyte Ave, one of Edmonton's most favoured streets in the city.


The family grows once more with the birth of Nicola & John's second child, Sebastian. To better support two children and two growing companies, they decide to amalgamate Kolya Naturals and Optimum Health into the same 109th st. location they still share today.


Nicola begins a three-year program studying Plant Spirit Medicine, and dives deeper into the knowledge of the "green world."


Nicola completes her herbal and aromatherapy studies, and is inspired to expand Kolya’s offerings by specializing in raw botanicals such as organic herbs, essential oils, flower essences, carrier oils, etc. THIS IS THE BIRTH OF EARTH'S AROMATIQUE.


Earths's Aromatique Opens

Later referred to as Kolya's Botanical Apothecary, which offers all the aforementioned ingredients, as well as a learning kitchen to teach the craft of herbal remedies and natural skincare. To this day, the Earth’s Aromatique name remains the unique brand under Kolya Naturals, wherein we provide fresh essential oils, organic botanicals, ingredients, wellness supplements, and more.


Nicola begins studying botanical perfumery with Jeanne Rose, and continues her studies under Mandy Aftel, one of the world's top botanical perfumers.


Nicola apprentices under Rosemary Gladstar, charmingly considered "the grandmother of North American Herbalism." Her herbal studies greatly deepen, and she is able to extend the practice of herbal medicine to staff and customers alike.


Kolya's team, while remaining devoted to the most beautiful and luxurious products nature has to offer, continues to research new botanicals and skincare lines. The team furthers Kolya's passion & quality standards in preparation for the Kolya Naturals online store!


After months of hard work and determination, the ONLINE STORE opens! This avenue is brand new to Kolya, but the team is excited! We’re working tirelessly each day to bring in new specialty items as well as old favourites. Everything from hand-woven baskets, to creative tools, hand-selected vitamins & supplements, to eco-friendly lifestyle products, we’re constantly expanding and evolving.


Nicola, Kolya, and its entire team, having always held a deep passion for sustainability and reintegration with the rhythms of nature, expands with a REFILL STATION! The dream is to reduce disposable waste and further support a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle for today, tomorrow, and beyond.