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Wild Rose 24h Deodorant


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• Naturally antibacterial
• Fresh rose scent
• Does not contain aluminum

Recommended For: All skin types.

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Stay fresh and rosy with a spritz of essential oils to rebalance body odors, safely and effectively.

Whether it’s heat, stress or exertion that makes you perspire, Weleda’s Wild Rose 24H Deodorant will leave you smelling of roses! Our fine ingredients work with your body to neutralize odor without affecting your skin’s own detoxifying process. Pure essential oils of rose and ylang-ylang give it the clean floral scent. Our non-aerosol, pump-spray come in recyclable glass bottles.

Recommended For: All skin types


Maintains skin’s natural detoxification process. Dermatologically tested and skin-kind. Free from antiperspirants including aluminum salts, synthetic preservatives or fragrances, colorants and raw materials derived from mineral oils.

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To Use: Spray under arms, directly onto skin. Reapply as needed.

Recommended For: All skin types.

Alcohol Water Triethyl Citrate Sodium Caproyl / Lauroyl Lactylate Rosa Damascena Extract Wild Rose Leaf Extract Licorice Root Glycerin Fragrance 1 Limonene 1 Linalool 1 Citronellol 1 Benzyl Alcohol 1 Benzyl Benzoate 1 Benzyl Salicylate 1 Geraniol 1 Citral 1 Eugenol 1 Farnesol 1

1 from natural essential oils

Free from: Synthetic preservative, fragrance, color or raw materials derived from mineral oils. Free from antiperspirants, and aluminum salts.