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White Kaolin Clay

Earth's Aromatique

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Qualities:   Smooth, odorless fine powder
Properties:  Mildly absorbent, mild abrasive, insoluble
Origin:  United States
Cultivation:  Naturally occurring Cultivation Definitions

Because White Kaolin is mild and does not absorb oils as readily as some other clays, it is best used on dry or sensitive skin, though suitable for all skin types. Use in your favorite cleansing, cosmetic, soap, and body care formulations. For smoothest blending, whisk slowly into liquid rather than adding liquid to the clay.

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Extraction method: Harvested

Shelf life: Indefinite when stored properly

Storage: Keep sealed in a cool, dark place. Heat, oxygen, moisture, and light degrade the product. 

May be used in soaps, cleansers, masks, and many other formulations. It may be useful as a thickener in some recipes, or as a mild abrasive. It is prone to clumping when mixed with a liquid— for smoothest blending, whisk slowly into the liquid rather than adding liquid to the clay. May be used on its own with water for a simple poultice, or in fair hair as a dry shampoo (on its own or in combination with other absorbent powders). To avoid the waste product, start with small measurements and incrementally work your way up.

Not for internal use. Avoid inhalation.

100% pure White Kaolin Clay