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The Boreal Herbal


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Author: Beverly Gray

• Paperback
• 440 pages filled with color photos
• Aroma Borealis Press 2011

SKU: 9780986827105

An indispensable guide to identifying and using northern plants for food and medicine. Whether you're hiking in remote areas or gardening in your backyard, this easy-to-use handbook will help you recognize and use fifty-five common wild plants that have extraordinary healing properties.

With The Boreal Herbal, you will learn how to soothe pain with willow, staunch bleeding with yarrow, treat a urinary tract infection with bearberry, and create a delicate and uplifting skin cream from sweetgrass.

Also included are dozens of healthy and delicious recipes, including Wild Weed Spanakopita, Dandelion Wine, and Cranberry-Mint Muffins.