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Sandwich Pack

Öko Creations

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Wrap up your lunch! This versatile wrap can fit sandwich bread, panini, croissants, burritos, buns, and more. Unpack your sandwich and the wrapper is a perfect placemat. Easy to clean: coated with food-grade polyurethane, simply run under water with mild dish soap. Hang to dry. Machine wash cold as needed. 

Made in Quebec, Canada, Öko Creations’ goal is to ease the transition into an eco-friendly lifestyle. Everything about the manufacturing process, from fair labour standards to ecological textile sourcing, is considered for the highest quality and most conscientiously clean product possible.



  • Versatile sandwich & lunch wrap
  • Hemp & organic cotton blend with food-safe coating
  • 37cm x 25.5cm (14.5 x 10 inches)
  • Ethically produced in Quebec