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Produce Bag, Organic Cotton


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Vejibag is the eco-friendly alternative to plastic vegetable storage. Reduces food waste by keeping veggies fresh for up to two weeks! Meant to house moisture-loving produce such as leafy greens, herbs, carrots, celery, etc., by providing a humid yet breathable environment in the refrigerator. Made from pure, undyed organic terry-knit cotton.

To use, wet the bag and wring it out so it is damp but not soggy. Wash your vegetables thoroughly, gently shake off excess water, and place in your vejibag. Store in a slightly opened crisper drawer or the main compartment of the refrigerator. That’s it! Lightly dampen when necessary to keep produce as fresh as possible.

Care instructions: Turn Vegibags inside out and launder with fragrance-free detergent. Hang to dry. If machine-dried, expect some shrinkage on the first cycle.

Vejibag was created in Maine in 2013 out of the desire to keep veggies fresh without generating plastic waste. Each bag is hand-sewn at an employee-owned facility in Valdese, North Carolina, which strives for zero-waste and ethical production standards.



  • Reusable produce storage bag
  • 100% organic undyed terry cotton
  • Made responsibly in the United States
  • Variety pack