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Opti-Potency Oregano Max

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  • Antioxidant immune support
  • Chosen for its high carvacrol content, this Mediterranean Oregano is smooth and easy to tolerate (relatively speaking!)
  • Carvacrol has been identified as the principal anti-microbial constituent in Oregano but certainly not the only one
  • As with all oregano oil preparations, Oregano max will be most effective taken at the onset of symptoms
  • A study performed at University of British Columbia compared different oregano oil preparations and found that although all demonstrated anti-microbial effects, the minutiflorum strain was the most potent

Recommended Use: Antioxidant Immune Support.

Recommended Dose (Adults): 4 drops, 1-4 times per day. 

Serving Size: 1 Drop
Servings Per Container: 600
Per Serving
Oregano oil (Origanum minutiflorum) 7.4 mg
 Supplying 80-90% carvacrol in a non-medical base of orgabi.