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No. 8 - Unscented

Fenwick Candles

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SKU: 8282161337

This No. 8 unscented candle has no scent and burns cleanly—just flickers with romance.

100% cotton wick. Always petroleum, soy, lead, GMO, and cruelty-free. Hand-poured in Ontario, Canada.

Fenwick Candles use a proprietary organic coconut & beeswax wax blend manufactured in-house. Their focus is honesty, ecology, and quality. They work with Canadian apiaries that support bee populations and use nontoxic charcoal filters. The unique fatty acids present in sustainably-sourced coconut oil work symbiotically with the heat tolerance of precious essential oils to create a clean-burning, completely natural candle. This candle contains no essential oils.



  • Natural coconut wax candle
  • Unscented
  • Clean-burning & sustainably sourced
  • Hand-poured in Canada