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Mango Butter Mangifera indica

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Qualities:   Fast-absorbing
Properties:  Adds rich, creamy consistency to recipes without greasy feel
Origin:  India
Cultivation:  Conventional Cultivation Definitions

Obtained from the fruit kernels of the mango tree, mango butter is high in stearic acid and rich in antioxidants. It is fantastic for dry skin, reducing degeneration of skin cells and aiding in skin elasticity. It can be used as-is or added to balm and lotion formulations. It is semi-solid at room temperature and melts on contact with skin. Refrigerate after opening.

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Shelf life: 2 years when stored properly

Storage: Refrigeration recommended. Heat, oxygen, and light degrade the product

Extraction method: Harvested, Solvent-expressed

Mango butter can be applied directly to the skin or added to your favourite formulations: bath truffles, soaps, body balms, personal lubricants, lotions & creams.

Because it absorbs quickly and has a relatively dry-touch finish compared to greasier butters such as shea, it is wonderful in whipped butter balms and 100% oil-based concoctions. It is can be slightly grainy in texture in its raw form but melts readily, and will not affect the consistency of your final product.

100% pure Mangifera indica butter

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