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Makeup Removal Pads

Öko Creations

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SKU: 4136189825

These 8cm diameter reusable makeup pads are a gentle and effective replacement for disposable cotton wipes. Unlike disposable makeup pads, they will not tear with use. Aside from makeup removal, these organic cotton/hemp blend pads can be used for face washing, minor wound care, ultra-light breast padding, or other delicate tasks. Pack of 8.

Made in Quebec, Canada, Öko Creations’ goal is to ease the transition into an eco-friendly lifestyle. Everything about the manufacturing process, from fair labour standards to ecological textile sourcing, is considered for the highest quality and most conscientiously clean product possible.

Care instructions: This item is pre-washed, so it will not shrink or warp after a first wash. After use, rinse with cold water and mild dish soap and then include in your regular laundry cycle. As heat can fix stains into fibres, avoid heat: tumble or air-dry.


  • Organic cotton & hemp reusable makeup wipes
  • 8 cm diameter; available in individuals or pack of 8
  • Ethically hand-sewn in Quebec