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Activate Elixir Blend

Harmonic Arts

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• Chocolate, cinnamon & botanical elixir
• Boosts mood, energy, and physical wellness
• Enjoy hot or iced

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This elixir encourages emotional and physical well-being through a select blend of energizing herbs and mushrooms.

Raw heirloom Ecuadorian cacao, cinnamon, and lucuma activate your senses while maca, chaga, reishi melts away stress and nourishes from within.

Enjoy hot or iced; blend with water or milk of choice.

Contains wild-harvested shilajit and certified organic ingredients.

Ingredients: *Raw Cacao, *Lucuma, *Mesquite, *Maca, *Chaga Dual Extract, *Reishi Dual Extract, †Shilajit, *True Cinnamon

*Certified Organic by EcoCert
†Wild Harvested
Contains 97% organic ingredients