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Focus Fuel Coffee

Natural Traditions

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This instant coffee blend supports focus, memory, and creativity. Made with lion's mane mushroom, adaptogens, c8 MCT, and plant-based omegas, it is even dairy free! Delicious coconut milk powder rounds out an energizing, brain-nourishing formula with adaptogens and quality fats. Get focused!

To brew the perfect cup, simply mix 1.5 tbsp of coffee mix with 6-8oz of hot water, blend and enjoy!


95mg caffeine from 100% arabica Brazilian organic coffee

250mg organic lion’s mane extract

100mg dual extract gotu kola

100mg dual extract brahmi

150mg dual extract cinnamon

2000mg C8 MCT

300mg ahiflower seed oil

Organic coconut milk powder

Organic acacia fibre



  • Focus instant coffee blend
  • With healthy fats & adaptogens
  • Organic lion's mane extract
  • Dairy free