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Fine Sea Salt Magnesium carbonate

Earth's Aromatique

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Qualities:   Purified
Properties:  Fine, white, crystalline substance
Origin:  United States
Cultivation:  Harvested from pure evaporated sea water Cultivation Definitions

Sea Salt is essential in both cooking and spa recipes— due to its abrasive quality, it is fantastic in scrubs. Create bath and foot soaks, hand scrubs, or simply to season your favorite dishes!

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Extraction method: Harvested from pure evaporated sea water

Shelf life: Indefinite when stored properly

Storage: Keep sealed in a cool, dark place. Heat, oxygen, and light degrade the product. 

Use in soaps, scrubs, soaks and other skin care formulations. If used in exfoliating skincare recipes, avoid using on sensitive or delicate skin, such as the face and under-eye area. Do not use on broken skin.

100% Magnesium carbonate