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Cotton Baby Wipes, Organic

Öko Creations

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These ultra-soft, organic, undyed cotton baby wipes are pliable enough to reach where its needed, and strong enough to withstand sticky hands, slobbery faces, or countless diaper changes. Cute colourful trim in assorted colours.

Pack of 4. Avoid laundering with items containing hook and loop fasteners, such as velcro.

Made in Quebec, Canada, Öko Creations’ goal is to ease the transition into an eco-friendly lifestyle. Everything about the manufacturing process, from fair labour standards to ecological textile sourcing, is considered for the highest quality and most conscientiously clean product possible. 


  • Reusable baby wipes; Pack of 4
  • Ultra-soft 100% organic cotton
  • 22 x 22 cm (9” x 9“); assorted trim colours
  • Ethically produced in Quebec