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Clear Plastic Tall Jar w/ Black Lid

Earth's Aromatique

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• Clear, straight-sided polystyrene
• Foam-lined twist caps
• Ideal for bath & body care preparations

SKU: 0547

These straight-sided, thick-walled jars are ideal for a range of products. Crystal-clear glass substitute allows for quick identification and admiration of contents. Jars are made from polystyrene, a common lightweight plastic that is biologically inert and heat & light stable. The caps are polypropylene plastic, which is both highly durable and fully recyclable. The caps are lined with polyethylene foam, removable if you wish, which feature excellent chemical and moisture resistance. These containers may work well with lotions, cosmetics, face washes, and other water-based products.

Jar Material: PET Plastic

Cap Material: Polypropylene Plastic

1 oz. Size: H: 41mm, D: 41mm

2 oz. Size: H: 47mm, D: 50mm