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Clear Glass Bottle w/ Mini-Trigger Spray

Earth's Aromatique

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• Clear glass
• Ideal for liquids
• On/Off trigger function

SKU: 4830

These clear glass bottles are useful for a range of products where UV-protection is not of prime concern. The black mini trigger-spray is polypropylene which is a highly durable plastic that is also recyclable. Ideal for cleaning products and other liquids. Its unique design allows for the dispensing of products with higher viscosity such as lotions as gels. Spray cap has a button-activated lock/unlock trigger lever.

Bottle Material: Glass

Tube Length: 8 in.

Spray Amount: 0.2 cc (0.2 mL)

Sprayer Style: Smooth

 8 oz. Size: H: 131mm, D: 61mm