Citrus 24h Deodorant


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Zesty freshness to rebalance body odour. You want to work with your body, not against it, so spritz on essential citrus oils that make you feel good.

Weleda Citrus 24H Deodorant distills freshness, with the zing of lemon and litsea cubeba essential oils to rebalance body odors so skin can feel refreshed. In a recyclable glass bottle, with a non-aerosol pump spray, this deodorant is free of aluminum salts and contains fine ingredients, that add up to the best for your body and the earth.

Recommended For: All skin types.


Maintains skin’s natural detoxification process. Dermatologically tested and skin-kind. Free from antiperspirants including aluminum salts, synthetic preservatives or fragrances, colorants and raw materials derived from mineral oils.

Key Ingredients

Lemon Peel Oil (Citrus Medica Limonum Peel Oil)Lemon Peel Oil is an essential oil from lemon peel. Along with other essential oils it is used for aromatization. 

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To Use: Spray under arms, directly onto skin. Reapply as needed.

Recommended For: All skin types.

Alcohol Water Triethyl Citrate Limonene 1 Sodium Caproyl / Lauroyl Lactylate Lemon Peel Oil Fragrance 1 Linalool 1 Geraniol 1 Citral 1 Farnesol 1

1 from natural essential oils

Free from: Antiperspirants including aluminium salts, synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colorants and raw materials derived from mineral oils