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Beeswax Pastilles Cera alba

Earth's Aromatique

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Qualities:   Refined, filtered beeswax; cosmetic-grade
Properties:  Emollient, hardener, burns cleanly
Origin:  China
Cultivation:  Conventional Cultivation Definitions

SKU: 90001

Extraction method: Harvested & filtered. Cosmetic Grade.

Shelf life: Indefinite when stored properly.

Storage: Keep sealed in a cool, dark place. Heat, oxygen, and light degrade the product. 

Beeswax is fantastic in balms and salves to impart staying-power and emollient characteristics. At high concentrations, it hardens products and slows the speed of absorbency. Best melted with indirect heat in a double boiler; direct heat should be avoided as beeswax is flammable. When overheated, product may discolour.

100% pure Cera alba