Baby Tummy Oil


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• Warms and relaxes
• Promotes healthy digestion
• Eases discomfort

Recommended For: A relaxing abdominal massage oil.

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Help Soothe and Relax Baby's Tummy.

A completely soothing baby oil suitable for the tiniest new tummies. Enjoy the close bond with your baby as you massage.

Baby’s first communication is through touch, and you’ll both enjoy the closeness of cuddles with a gentle massage that warms and relaxes baby, helping baby’s innate digestion process. Developed together with midwives and pharmacists, Baby Tummy Oil carries nourishing essential oils of warming marjoram, relaxing chamomile and cardamom, in a base of light sweet almond oil. It’s a perfectly natural baby oil, certified natural by NATRUE – made for special time together.

Recommended For: A relaxing abdominal massage oil.


  • For relaxing abdominal massage, that relaxes and soothes baby.
  • Dermatologically tested.

To Use: Warm some oil in your hands and massage clockwise, moving outwards around baby's belly-button. Press gently with hands as you massage and finish each movement by moving down over the left thigh to relieve discomfort caused by gas.

Recommended For: A relaxing abdominal massage oil.

Sweet Almond Oil Fragrance 1 Limonene 1 Linalool 1

1 from natural essential oils

Free from: Synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colorants, free of raw materials derived from mineral oil.