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Amber Glass Bottle w/ Dropper Top

Earth's Aromatique

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• Highest level UV protection
• Simple and efficient dropper caps
• Multiple sizes available

SKU: 6006

These amber-coloured glass bottles are ideal for light-sensitive products such as herbal and essential oil preparations. The dropper dispensers themselves are glass where the caps are polypropylene plastic, which is highly durable and fully recyclable.

Bottle Material: Glass

Cap Material: Polypropylene Plastic

Cap Style: Ribbed

0.0625 oz. Size: H: 61 mm, D: 15mm 

1 oz. Size: H: 102mm, D: 31mm

2 oz. Size: H: 116mm, D: 40mm

4 oz. Size: H: 135mm, D: 50mm