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Aluminum Tin, Flat & Circular

Earth's Aromatique

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• Slipcover lids
• Recyclable
• Perfect for candles and waterless formulas

SKU: 6203

These flat metal tins are useful for a variety of applications. They come with slipcover tops and are easy to store and decorate. Use them for candle-making or any other waterless product, such as balms, salves, or storage for herbs and tea blends. They are made from tin-plated steel and are fully recyclable.

Tin Style: Rounded, Circular Tin

Tin Material: Tin-plated Steel

Tin Edges: Rolled, Smooth

1 oz. Tin Size: H: 18mm, D: 52mm

2 oz. Tin Size: H: 20mm, D: 61mm

3 oz. Tin Size: H: 22mm, D: 71mm