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Max and Me Cloth

Max and Me

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• Organic linen
• Infused with algae and eucalyptus fibers
• Naturally anti microbial

Recommended For: Gently, yet thoroughly cleansing and removing makeup.

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The softest touch, the fondest embrace.

A wonderful fine cloth for daily cleansing. The most beautiful, impactful texture ever seen in a face cloth. Your skin yearned for this all along. We searched long, until we found this soft, satisfying embrace, that is also so high-vibe! This exceptionally fine cloth for daily cleansing is tender beyond imagination, embracing your skin, caressing it softly while boosting microcirculation and giving it exfoliating benefits. Enjoy all the benefits of linen, algae and eucalyptus and feel its beautifully clearing energy.

Recommended For: Gently, yet thoroughly cleansing and removing makeup. 

To Use: Moisten cloth with warm water and gently remove cleansers and makeup. Perfect for oil cleansing. After use, wash in warm water and air-dry. When needed, machine wash up to 60 degrees, however washing at 40 degrees will protect the active ingredients longer.

Recommended For: Gently, yet thoroughly cleansing and removing makeup.


  • 50% Lyocell TM/from eucalyptus wood fibers/certified according to OekoTex standard 100
  • 25% SeaCell (algae/Lyocell)/certified according to OekoTex standard 100 25% organic linen (knitted) 

Algae from clear, pristine fjords of Iceland.
Algae activate and support the cellular detoxification process. Their high level of vital minerals and antioxidants helps protect your skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Organic Linen
Linen has the highest vibrations of all natural textiles. The linen used to make the Max & Me cloth is derived from monitored organic cultivation. The fabric is manufactured using purely natural methods in an Austrian linen- weaving mill. Linen is made from fibers of flax – one of the oldest plants in the world to be grown as an agricultural crop – with its lovely purple-bluish flowers.

Eucalyptus Fibers
Eucalyptus has a wonderful energetic cleansing effect on body and soul.