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Clear Plastic Bottle w/ White Foaming Pump

Earth's Aromatique

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• Foam dispenser pump top
• Fully recyclable
• Great for liquid soaps and other bath & body products

SKU: 4312

These clear foaming pump bottles are a great choice for many bath and body products such as liquid soaps and hair care products. It works by mixing liquid with air and dispensing your product as dense foam without the need for gas propellants. Bottle is made from fully-recyclable polyethylene terephthalate plastic: PET plastic is globally-recognized as a safe, flexible product. Pump cap itself is made from polypropylene plastic, a fully-recyclable plastic.

Pump Type: Foamer
Pump Color: White
Pump Material: Polypropylene
Bottle Material: PET

1 2/3 oz. (50 mL): H: 125mm, D: 34mm

8 1/2 oz. (250 mL): H: 165mm, W: 54mm