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Rose Hydrosol Rosa damascena

Earth's Aromatique

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Qualities:  Soothing & calming
Properties:  Soothes and retains moisture in the skin
Origin:  Bulgaria
Cultivation:  Certified Organic Cultivation Definitions

Rose hydrosol is beautiful for all skin types due to its antimicrobial and skin soothing properties. Excellent for sensitive skin.

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Hydrosols, also known as hydrolats, are aqueous solutions created when distilling essential oils.  They are most often used as refreshing skin toners, or as the water component in skincare.

Shelf life: up to 2 years, as long as properly stored

Storage: To keep fresh, store in a fridge, or a cool, dark place. Heat, oxygen, and light degrade the product.

As a toner: spray directly onto skin and hair.

DIY creams & lotions: Use in place of the water component in your formula.

100% pure organic Rosa damascene hydrosol / hydrolate.