Frankincense & Calendula Hand & Body Cream

Helena Lane

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• Highly concentrated formula
• Soothes and protects
• Smoothes rough skin

Recommended For: All skin types, especially dry or irritated

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A healing and soothing moisturizing cream with rejuvenating frankincense.

    Recommended For: All skin types, especially dry or irritated

    Key Benefits:

    • 100% certified organic ingredients
    • Highly concentrated formula – a little goes a long way
    • Chamomile soothes and cools irritated and itchy skin
    • Calendula heals the skin by promoting collagen production
    • Unrefined macadamia nut oil and shea butter moisturize and rejuvenate
    • Unrefined avocado oil deeply moisturizes and protects the skin
    • Frankincense promotes cell renewal in cracked skin whilst the uplifting fragrance helps with nerves and anxiety.
    • Organic arrowroot ensures a non-greasy finish

    To Use: Apply liberally whenever and wherever needed on the hands or body. Can be used as a therapeutic cream for dry and itchy skin conditions.

    Recommended For: All skin types, especially dry or irritated

    *Certified Organic ^Unrefined

    Macadamia nut oil*^ (infused with chamomile* and calendula flowers*)

    Avocado oil*^

    Shea butter*^


    Frankincense essential oil*


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