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Green Sencha Tea

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Qualities/Properties:   Gently energizing; anti-oxidant
Aroma:  Green, with a hint of a gentle warm roasted note
Taste Profile:  Green, mildly astringent, with subtle notes of the sea
Caffeine Level:  Caffeinated
Country of Origin:  Japan
Cultivation:  Certified Organic Cultivation Definitions

Japan's most popular green tea - a light, smooth & refreshing drink.

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This organic Chinese green tea is steeped in tradition. Steamed and carefully dried to retain a brilliant green colour. Produces a vibrant, grassy, energizing cup.

Black, Oolong, Green, Matcha & White teas are all produced from the same plant-Camellia sinensis. The resulting teas simply differ in how/when they were harvested & how they then went on to be processed-whether they are oxidized &/or fermented. Green teas are predominantly grown throughout China, Japan, and Korea and produced from March through May. The main goal in creating green teas is to halt natural oxidation of the leaves, but maintain the enzyme activity in the leaf.

Tea Type: Green

HOT use 1 tsp

COLD use 2 tsp cool & serve over ice

Steep at 180F for 1-3 minutes

Green Sencha-Steamed Camilia Sinesis