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Newsflash - no one is perfect.

When we’re first learning about zero waste, we can feel motivated and excited to upheave our lifestyle as quickly as possible. So much of what we buy, use, and do in our day-to-day lives is founded upon habit, comfort, and convenience: changing habits takes time and error. As we enter the holiday season, especially this year, moving slowly and with mindfulness is the best way to ensure success in your zero waste journey.



At Kolya Naturals, we understand that offering solutions is the best way to ease people into eco-friendly habits. Everyone undertakes this journey differently, and slip-ups will always happen. Messing up doesn’t only happen to zero-waste beginners, either: we’ve all occasionally forgotten to “say no” to a plastic straw, or realized the item we’ve been dutifully putting in the blue bin all these years is not actually recyclable. This can lead to feelings of guilt or shame when it comes to living sustainably.

We can allow ourselves to feel defeated, and succumb to negative thinking. “What’s the point in trying?” Or we can channel these feelings into our next positive action. Moving forward, how can we commit ourselves to be good to our bodies, and do what’s best for the planet?


The path towards a green lifestyle is not a perfectly straight line. It is a journey full of leaps and dips and zig-zags. Respect is key.

Forgive yourself and be kind.



This holiday season, we’ve curated an Eco Conscious gift bundle for those looking to begin their eco-friendly journey. Each item is mindfully selected for its environmental impact and practicality in everyday life.


Our Eco Conscious Bundle contains:

Cheeks Ahoy 4-Pack Cloth Wipe

These wipes are lovingly handmade in Canada from ultra-soft cotton flannel. For those with small children, they’re perfect for little hands and runny noses. They fit perfectly into standard disposable wipe containers, but will last countless washes. For everyone else, they’re great when camping, as napkins, for makeup removal, or anywhere else you need a delicate touch on sensitive skin. All while reducing the waste and chemical preservatives found in conventional disposable wipes.

Odacité Shampoo Bar

Millions upon millions of plastic shampoo bottles wind up in the landfill and oceans every year. By choosing to wash with a shampoo bar instead, you’re still getting the professional results of high-quality bottled shampoo, sans the plastic waste. This shampoo bar from Odacité is formulated to care for both the hair and the environment: a soap-free formula promises a deeply restored, manageable head of silky-soft hair, and its clean list of plant-based ingredients will not bioaccumulate in our oceans and waterways.

Living Libations Copper Tongue Scraper

For those new to tongue scraping, it is a fast and easy way to remove extra particles from the surface of the tongue. Debris, bacteria, and dead cells can build up, which can lead to bad breath and poor oral hygiene. This tongue scraper from Living Libations is completely plastic-free and has no surface treatments or synthetic coatings found on many conventional scraping tools. Wonderful for anyone looking to improve their oral care.

Change Toothpaste Tablets

A frequently overlooked item in our landfills is the humble toothpaste tube. It can take centuries for these to break down, and very rarely can they be efficiently recycled. Alberta-made Change Toothpaste Tablets remove the need for the plastic tube entirely. They are packaged in compostable pouches, reduce your environmental footprint, and give a fresh & clean brushing experience without any unnecessary chemicals or preservatives. Small change - big impact.

Ten & Co. Sponge Cloth

Paper towels are costly, wasteful, and not especially remarkable to look at. This Canadian-designed sponge cloth brightens up the kitchen and absorbs 15x its own weight in liquid! It’s easily washable and cleans kitchen surfaces effectively without streaking. Doesn’t come wrapped in plastic, and it can replace the use of up to 17 rolls of paper towel. As it is made from wood pulp cellulose, at the end of its life cycle, simply compost it. It is 100% biodegradable and designed in Canada.

Olsen + Olsen Beeswax Wrap

Natural beeswax wraps are a plastic-free method of food preservation. Anywhere you’d use conventional plastic wrap, this beeswax wrap from Olsen + Olsen steps in. Handmade in Québec with organic Canadian beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and organic pine rosin. Place it over bowls, cut fruit, or wrap up sandwiches and snacks. It's a versatile and beautiful solution for food storage that minimizes our disposable plastic footprint.

No Tox Vegan Dish Washing Block

We’re talking big, fluffy, mega-delightful bubbles, and strong grease-cutting power. Use this dishwashing block where you’d otherwise buy a plastic bottle of liquid dishwashing liquid-free of dyes, fragrances, harsh synthetic chemicals, and completely biodegradable and cruelty-free. The No Tox Vegan Dish Washing Block comes in a recyclable cardboard box and lasts for months.


No matter where you are in your zero waste journey, remember that slip ups happen. Nobody is perfect, but we all have the capacity to reflect on our actions and take mindful steps to improve. While the process may not always be easy or pretty, your version of sustainability should be what works for you - and that’s beautiful too.


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