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For the mom whose skin needs caring and calm… A brand new serum from Pura Botanicals, two years in the making!

Local natural skin care expert Lane Edwards teamed up with her childhood friend Lindsay Jang to create this ethereal lotion-serum hybrid which does it all! With all-natural fruit acids to gently exfoliate, Vitamin C from Japanese yuzu oil to brighten and promote collagen production, and blue tansy oil to soothe redness and irritation, this “end of the rainbow” potion with its whipped cloud-like texture is sure to find a forever place in mom’s daily skin care ritual. Suitable for all skin types.


For the Mom who really needs to unwind and relax… A decadently-scented bath, full of skin-soothing botanicals, complemented with a specialty apres-bath tea!

Send mom on a mini staycation when you give her Bathorium’s ultra-luxurious Aphrodite bath bomb, a tub treat that’s twice the size of average bath bombs! Notes of burnt chocolate, bourbon vanilla, and Bulgarian rose combine with softening sea salts and hydrating kokum butter to soothe the skin and senses! Coconut milk will turn her bath into a creamy, blissful experience, while pure rose petal water soothes irritations. Add Bathorium’s “liquid lullaby” Apres Bath Sleepy Time Tea, in Vanilla Rooibos or Garden Mint + Rose, and maybe a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses in her bathroom, and she’ll be floating off to dreamland on a happy rose and chocolate-scented cloud.



For the Mom who loves a gorgeous pop of colour… Nailberry Breathable Nail Colour!

A fresh injection of gorgeous colour is a little energy boost that makes a big difference, and because we are still wearing masks for a little while longer, nail colour is the new lipstick! Imported from the UK, Nailberry takes the regular nail polish experience and elevates it to a luxurious level. Their patented breathable formula allows oxygenation of the nails while covering them in the most stunning, sophisticated palette of hues, from neutrals to shimmers to bold brights. It’s a thoughtful, non-toxic, and fun way to brighten up mom’s day!


For the Mom who wants her skin to glow from the inside out… AURA Inner Beauty.

AURA Inner Beauty products nourish and protect on a nutritional level, feeding and protecting the skin like nothing else, and brings a touch of elegance to mom’s daily ritual. AURA’s Beauty Boosting Marine Collagen Elixir, in either coconut or wild-berry hibiscus flavour, is a gentle balance of subtle and sweet with essences of organic extracts that can be added to water, nut milks, smoothies, coffee. Try it blended with AURA’s superfood powders for added benefit, such as Radiance, an antioxidant blend high in Vitamin C, or Resilience, a nourishing green cleanser and detoxifier.

AURA Dew Drops is a unique dual-purpose beauty elixir. It deeply softens skin, adding an instant glow when applied topically. But its true powers reside in the way it nourishes the skin, body and mind as a daily internal supplement. Each bottle of Dew Drops includes a beautiful AURA Rose Gold Spoon to enhance her ritual.



For the Mom who loves to smell beautiful but can’t stand synthetic perfumes……. Abel natural eau de parfum.

Using only natural, plant-based ingredients, Abel is a natural perfume line that evolves on your skin to create a scent unique to the wearer. Created in Paris with a master perfumer, Abel uses the latest in natural science to ensure the fragrances are long-lasting on the skin and sophisticated in their bouquet. Whether your Mom prefers a bright, citrus floral like Golden Neroli, a chic, sultry oriental like Cobalt Amber, or a contemporary, classic floral like Pink Iris, there is certainly one (or three!) that she will love to wear. Many Abel blends are wonderfully unisex, with spicy, rich and/or woody notes that both males and females will appreciate. Mom may want to play and layer her aromas, so be sure to include the Abel Discovery Kit, containing samples of all seven of their stunning fragrances. Or choose the exclusive Nurture blend (not found in the Discovery Kit). Nurture is a feminine, calming fragrance created by mothers for mothers, and safe even for those with sensitive noses during pregnancy.


For the Mom who loves an all-in-one indulgence… Ayuna’s Spirulite Active Solid Mask!

Spirulite is our newest offering from Ayuna, a organic skincare line from Spain who are fusing the latest technological advancements with pure botanical ingredients to create exceptional products unlike any others. Spirulite is a solid active mask for the body, embedded in a natural loofah disc, creating an all-in-one exfoliating, cleansing and toning shower ritual. Opulent oils of borage, coconut, and Wild Olive are infused with activated charcoal to detoxify and blended with calendula and spirulina to treat and tone soft tissues, minimizing and treating cellulite. Ayuna’s signature “beautifulness” blend of gurjum balsam, holy wood, myrrh, chamomile, rosemary, and buchu combine to envelop Mom in the most intoxicating aroma cloud. One Spirulite disc lasts 7 - 10 showers, and she will receive five discs per package. An indulgent daily luxury she will be thanking you for long after the day passes!

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