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Picture it: two sisters, both with supreme senses of smell. One roaming the world with her guitar and a suitcase full of essential oils, the other halfway through nursing school. They sense a problem. One sees art, the other science, but they see an issue the same: there are too few natural products, and so many of the scents put on our bodies aren’t just strong, they overwhelm the olfactories. In launching Routine, they start small, and they start stinky - the armpit. The sisters start with people they love, and they realize they love the way their people smell. They don’t want to suppress their scents, they want to enhance them. They use nature-made ingredients to craft blends that merge and mingle with the pheromones of their friends. And they realize - we are not one smell fits all.

Routine deodorant was born from the minds of sisters Neige and Pippa at the base of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Calgary, Alberta. Routine is, and always will be, proudly manufactured in Canada. With a deodorant for every body type, 13 scents, and 5 different formulations including vegan, sensitive skin, and activated charcoal, Routine is never tested on animals and contains only clean, natural ingredients.

The core mission of Routine lies in alignment with the body’s natural pheromones. Their nature-made ingredients mingle with your body’s inherent chemistry, so that you still smell like yourself, only better. Not only that, but Routine has successfully diverted over one million plastic containers from landfills through the use of glass jars. Their refill program has been incredibly successful, available in specific stores across North America (including the Kolya Naturals Refill Station in Edmonton!).

And although most people know Routine for their natural deodorants, get ready, because Routine launched a line of products this year. Shampoos, conditioners, creams, body oils, and solid perfumes - oh my!

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Article from our Kolya Summer Box (2021) Magazine.

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