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We’re so excited to welcome Alicia, the latest addition to the team in the Kolya spa! With years of experience and countless certifications under her belt, Alicia is a warm heart and an artistic soul. She is settling in great with the Kolya team and we wanted to introduce her properly, so we sat down for a little Q&A.

Welcome, Alicia, our newest Kolya Wholistic aesthetician!



Q & A with Alicia, Kolya Wholistic Aesthetician


1) What drew you to working at Kolya's Spa?

"I’ve known for many years that I wanted to work with Kolya. When I first came across their website I felt it was the perfect place for me. I’ve been using organic natural skincare since I was 15, so when I discovered what Kolya was all about I knew this is where I wanted to be."


2) You were trained in traditional aesthetics. What makes the facials you offer at Kolya unique?

"Being trained in traditional aesthetics, I can honestly say that Kolya’s facial treatments are like no other. Every single touch to the skin is intended for the client to feel loved and placed into a state of bliss. Also, because at Kolya we use only the purest ingredients in our skincare, these nourishing ingredients can penetrate deeply into the skin which leaves you with a beautiful healthy glow inside and out!"


3) What is your favourite treatment to give? To receive?

"To give: Kolya Custom Facial - I really enjoy choosing whichever product I feel will be best for my client’s skin.

To receive: Dr. Hauschka facial. It’s a long-standing classic for a reason!"



4) What is your favourite product from the Kolya Spa?

"The Tata Harper Nourishing Body Oil! It’s always my go-to for the massage portion of the treatment!"


5) What is your most common skincare tip/recommendation?

"Drink lots of water and use plant-based oils on your skin! Even if you’re an oily skin type like myself, using light, balancing oils such as jojoba will keep your skin looking healthy & radiant.

Also! If you have a break out, apply neem oil to the affected area. Neem oil has the most amazing anti-fungal/anti microbial properties and even though it’s smelly, it’ll heal your blemish in a flash."


6) This or That - Spa Edition

1 Hour Facial | 2 Hour Facial

Extractions | No Extractions

Floral | Citrus

Hot Mask | Mask

Foot Massage | Hand Massage

Hot Compress | Cool Compress



7) You're also a makeup artist - can you share a fun makeup tip with us?

"Always lift the brow by the arch with your finger when filling them in. This allows for a more precise and defined shape and will leave you with a soft, flattering look." 


8) About Alicia:

"I’ve been with Kolya since August of 2021. I have 5 years experience and certification in makeup artistry and brow shaping, waxing, sugaring, and have spent much of my spare time volunteering with the Mustard Seed giving haircuts."

  • Best beauty advice you've received and followed:
    • Balance is everything. Eat healthy nourishing foods, stay hydrated, surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you, and find your passion.
  • Favourite animal:
    • Wolf
  • Favourite way to nourish your skin from within:
    • Drinking nettle tea! Nettles contain a lot of essential vitamins and minerals including magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamins K, C, and D plus fatty acids and antioxidants - you can’t go wrong there!
  • Favourite plant:
    • Camellia flower
  • Favourite aroma:
    • Jasmine, vanilla, and rosemary blended together are just divine! They happen to be my signature scent!
  • Coffee or Tea:
  • Top 3 Fav Skincare products
    1. Body Deli Blueberry Fusion cleanser: Such a delicious cleanser! It smells like blueberry pie and leaves my skin feeling clean, not dry, and looking super polished!
    2. Living Libations Sandalwood Best Skin Ever: This lightweight oil smells so refreshing and balances my oily skin and gives it just the right amount of hydration. It’s also an excellent makeup remover. I also use it in my hair as a scalp treatment!
    3. Odacite All-Embracing Watermelon & Hibiscus Serum: This oil based serum is perfect for hydrating my skin, especially during the dry, cold winter months.


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