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Consider the enigma of a tiny seed, from whose cocooned & shadowy subterranean life might soon bloom a flower. That seed is hungry for the sun and in love with light. After the idleness of another cold winter, the motivating virtue of heat begins to stir beneath the surface of the soil. Its minute little body begins to move through the hidden channels of the earth and sets its roots. Rising then through the invisible veins of the upper parts of the seed, it bursts forth and produces that first tender shoot. By a miraculous instinct, it knows what is good for it, which is to come out of the earth into the air, the sun, and the open sky.

As the earth tilts towards the sun, instinctively, our spirits stir. We’ve moved from the inward-focused days of winter, shaken off the sleepiness of spring, and now we are awake. We’re entangled in a beautiful net of cyclic time and the rituality of nature: it’s the summer solstice. We are alive, refreshed, renewed, and energized.

With long, warm days, we’re outside, we feel alive, we’re moving, and we’re celebrating. Find vigor in this time of year.

Embrace the fecundity of the sun, and let yourself become more radiant, more vibrant, and more electrifying than ever before. Embody your fiery self. Retune yourself with the miraculous rhythms of nature, and use that energy to inspire, uplift, and energize the world around you.

Summer has officially begun!

Article adapted from our Kolya Summer Box (2021) Magazine.

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