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The holidays are upon us! It’s time to whip up a beautiful stocking stuffer, Kolya’s Sweet Mint Botanical Lip Balm kit. We’ve introduced Kolya’s kits to take the guesswork and fuss out of DIY, and leave the fun part of handcrafting an original Kolya recipe all to you.


Sweet Mint Botanical Lip Balm is your opportunity to become the stocking stuffer champion for friends and family. Easily giftable to almost anybody, and fantastic for last-minute presents, including exchanges.


You can also give the kit itself to the avid DIY-er in your life, so they can learn to make all-natural lip balm and handcraft the full recipe themselves.



This recipe harnesses the beautiful hardening power of candelilla wax, which is a fully vegan alternative to beeswax. Blended with beautiful plant-based oils, butters, and a touch of natural flavouring, this vegan lip balm is light, luscious, and creamy.


Because this recipe requires heat, be sure to use caution if preparing this recipe with children. Wear heat-proof mittens if necessary, and make sure everything is oven-safe to avoid little burns.


This kit comes with everything you need: full instructions, 9 containers to store your product (6 tubes, 2 metal tins, 1 jar), organic plant-based oils and waxes, essential oils, and a vial of Medicine Flower natural flavouring oil.


Medicine Flower natural flavouring oil is a highly potent edible oil that is usable in countless places around the home and kitchen. After making this kit, you will have plenty left over to use in other creations. Read more about our Medicine Flower oils!


The finished Sweet Mint Botanical Lip Balm is creamy and slightly glossy, with a sweet minty hint and intoxicating vanilla scent. As this kit makes enough for 9 containers of balm, there will be plenty to go around and to keep for yourself!


Shop Kolya’s DIY apothecary kits and gift bundles for your earth-friendly holiday season.


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