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Bah, humbug!

The holidays might not be looking the same this year. It may be difficult not to feel just a little bit like the Grinch. Before we try to rush through the rest of the year as quickly as possible, or write off the season completely, it’s important to look for ways to still have some fun this holiday season. Though social distance guidelines and restrictions may mean our celebrations need to change from what we’re used to, we’re finding new ways to spread joy and get creative with our gifts.

We’re exploring ways to give & get the most of the holiday season, even from a distance.

Who knows, we may carve out some brand new traditions for ourselves.


Place priority on what matters most.

If they make you happy, put up those decorations. Make those sugar cookies, or that big pot of holiday switchel. If a tradition is in place that brings you joy, by all means, don’t forgo it just because the usual extended crowd won’t be gathering ‘round the hearth fire.

Consider the spirit of the holiday season and what that means for you as an individual. Even if we’re not doing everything we used to do, try to engage what you can. Even if that just means pouring an extra-extra shot of brandy into the ‘nog and watching a delightfully bad Hallmark movie.


Make the most of our time with loved ones

In the Northern hemisphere, the days are short. They’re chilly. As we are following recommendations and avoiding large indoor get-togethers, and it’s likely too cold and dark for many outdoor activities, the big hugs and celebrations we might be used to aren’t going to be happening this year. But if this year has taught us anything, it’s how important our loved ones are to us. It’s key to spread joy whenever and however we can.

Write to your friends and family. We live in an age where it’s easy to exchange words digitally. Instead, why not pick up a favourite pen and practice your handwriting. Seal the letter with a botanical seal from Written Word for an extra touch. Let them know how much they mean to you in a spirited, handmade way that costs almost nothing.



Bring distant friends near… virtually 

If letters aren’t your thing, use technology. This may seem too obvious a suggestion, in a modern age of endless Zoom meetings, but why not engage the usual holiday traditions in this way? Choose your favourite video chat platform, and connect over a festive activity that would otherwise be done in person. Bake cookies following the same recipe, or explore any one of our countless botanical DIY recipes.

We’ve introduced the Kolya Apothecary Kits to make DIY easy for every skill level. Each kit includes every ingredient you need, including full written instructions. We’re offering DIY Herbal Honey and DIY Sweet Mint Botanical Lip Balm for the holiday season.



Mail a loved one a kit, open up a video call, and go through the recipe together! Then you’ll both have collaborated on a beautiful finished item, wherever you are in the world. There’s no limit to whom you can invite into your holiday circle.


Our recipe for Entrancing Botanical Bath Bars are similar to the tried and true spherical bath bombs we know and love, but with a new formula and a shape that makes them easily stackable into reusable jars - great for mailing in compact packages. They are very easy to customize, so if your friend via Facetime has one botanical but not another, that’s perfectly okay! You can both still create the same recipe with your own unique twists, and enjoy the memories that come with creating something together.



Better still, we’ve included ideas for layered bubbly Bath Soaks, so you don’t even need to confine yourselves to molds if you don’t want to. They are a wonderfully kid-friendly recipe. They look beautiful in jars tied with a simple bow, and make delightful gifts for teachers and friends.


And for more advanced DIYers looking for a bigger challenge, these geode bath bombs add a touch of magic to any bath ritual.


If DIY isn’t your cup of tea, take a look at our countless bathtime ritual offerings from all-natural makers like Bathorium or Kismet.


What’s different is what makes this year’s holiday special

Do you remember the holiday that went perfectly? Where nothing went wrong, and every plan went off without a hitch? We don’t, either. When something unusual happens, though, it sticks. Remember that when things go wrong they often end up with the best memories. We’re betting this holiday season will be one to remember - and it’s up to us to make the best of it. 

It’s the season to celebrate with those who are closest. In some cases, this means doing so from a distance. We’re evaluating what’s most important to us and feeling thankful for the moments that bring meaning and joy.


Even if we might be celebrating differently this year, there’s no reason our holidays need to feel lonely. It is key to find creative ways to celebrate, whether together, apart, or together at a distance.

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