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As we relish the embers of summer, the days creep into longer nights, and the modern world feels ever tiresome. Self-care is as important to us now as it ever has been.

Max & Me is a handcrafted line of skincare made fresh in Vienna. Although luxurious, this line is far from pretentious: their focus is the fusion of quality skincare and high-frequency energy work. Founders Max & Tanja formulate their products with the utmost consideration for the body, earth, and soul.

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A key philosophy to Max & Me is the incorporation of sacred ritual into the everyday. The entire line is meant to guide oneself into spaces of calm, strength, resilience, and hope. Particularly during heavy times of self-reflection, we value spaces wherein one may energetically recharge and transform darkness into light & love.

Optimistic and ever-grounded, founder Tanja asserts that we are “alchemists” to our own inner-power. To open our eyes in the morning is to consciously step into our energy and decide where that energy flows. Max & Me chooses to breathe energies of trust, hope, love, and respect into daily self-care. These are rituals through which we may send reassuring impulses to every cell of the body.

Incorporate the Max & Me Collection into your daily skincare ritual to support positive energy, healthy skin, and inner peace.


The Intuitive

When all that’s needed is a breath of calm, The Intuitive is here. This is a gentle herbal mist for hydration and troubled complexions. Although this formula is effective on all skin types, it is most soothing on sensitive or otherwise inflamed skin conditions, including psoriasis, acne, rosacea, and sunburn. Its key ingredients feature palo santo, wild agonis, and blue tansy. Its scent is a walk through the woods on a warm summer morning: warm, woodsy, and spicy, peppered with notes of sweet citrus.

“The Intuitive” is the guide by which we open and close our Max & Me self-care ritual: it welcomes emotional tranquillity and focuses the mind. Enter your self-care circle by spraying it around your head and basking in its stillness. Use it to dampen the skin before applying balms or moisturizers. Use it to refresh the face throughout the day, dispel negative energy, and infuse moisture deep into the skin’s tissues.


Sweet Serenity Rescue Balm from Max & Me

Sweet Serenity Rescue Balm

The Rescue Balm is a decadent powerhouse to impart relief, serenity, and balance to inflamed and bruised skin. Its delicate blend of plant butters and oils hydrate tissues and are most beneficial for sensitive skin. Golden-vanilla in hue and pillowy in texture, its active ingredients include murumuru butter, shea, helichrysum immortelle, and ethically-sourced sandalwood. Melt a pea-size or less of the Rescue Balm between your palms. Cup your hands in front of your face and inhale its sweet, floral energy. Massage into the skin, taking care around delicate areas or places of discomfort. Feel grounded in its potency and align with your body’s higher intelligence.


Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash

The Mask & Wash is a meadow of wildflowers after an afternoon sun-shower. Twist the cap from this pretty little jar and you will be instantly transported to a rich, velvety universe of fresh cacao, raw honey, and mangosteen. Ideal for those looking to brighten their complexions, lighten the look of scars and ease signs of ageing. The Mask & Wash was devised to deliver nourishment to parched or otherwise stressed skin, impart freshness, and suffuse the body with radiance.

A cherry-sized portion is all you need. Mix with water to manifest an indulgent cream, and apply over the face and décolleté. Let it sink in for 10-30 minutes, or longer: these moments are all for you, so dedicate it to nothing but beautiful thoughts and loving intentions. Rinse with a moist cloth and carry on with an elevated, enzyme-rich experience.


I Am The Light from Max & Me

I Am The Light

Cypriol, a plant native to India’s riverbeds, connects I Am The Light with our inner compass. White fir, frangipani, and pink lotus work in tandem with organic marula and argan oil to enliven the body’s intrinsic intelligence and restore physical and emotional wellness. Warm a few drops of this precious concoction in your palms, inhale deeply, and massage into wet skin. It really is that simple. You are the light.


The Intuitive from Max & Me

The Max & Me x Kolya Ritual

To incorporate Max & Me into your skincare routine is to invite sacred ceremony into your everyday. How one decides to initiate a ceremony is unique as a fingerprint, and just so, consider this simple Max & Me x Kolya ritual a flexible guide. Draw inspiration from the process and adapt as needed to suit your wellness intentions.

Create your space with The Intuitive

Engage your senses by misting The Intuitive around your head and over a makeup-free face. Take a moment to attune yourself to the present, and address your current physical and emotional state. Listen to your inner voice. Breathe.

Clear Tension with Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash

This stage is all about releasing negative energy and attuning yourself to the vibrancy of plant-based beauty. Choosing Sweet Serenity Mask & Wash, apply to the face with a gentle, loving hand. The mask may be left on for 10-30 minutes of meditation: bring your thoughts inward and nurture your cells with a positive voice. Release the burdens of the day. Gently rinse and proceed with either Sweet Serenity Rescue Balm or I Am The Light.

Choose Rhythmic Balance with I Am The Light or Sweet Serenity Rescue Balm

Choose Sweet Serenity Rescue Balm if your skin is in need of a particularly rich dose of loving care, or I Am The Light for the day-to-day. Bask in the aromas and massage the precious plant oils into your skin with delicate, circular motions. Guide your skin back to its natural rhythm, free of environmental stressors. Wipe away excess with a soft cloth, if you wish, or continue.

Embrace your higher vibrations

Close your eyes. Feel your breath as it envelops your freshly elevated natural beauty. With skin now cleansed and quenched, close the ceremony with another mist of The Intuitive around the head and face. Cultivate positive thinking. Carry on with your day as your highly conscious, ever-compassionate, ever-loving self.


Max & Me

Max & Me chooses sublimity each and every day. Through nurturing self care, even during difficult times, we may foster an intimate connection with our higher selves. With nurturance and love, we grant ourselves permission to create sacred spaces for positive energy and high-vibrational healing.

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