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In 1989, Eco-Bags opened for business with one core mission: clean up the planet one bag at a time. As disposable plastic bags are wasteful and costly to the health of the planet, Eco-Bags strives to inspire others to embrace the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) and say “no” to single-use plastics.

Each day, the Eco-Bags team comes to work with the desire to do good work, and do good things. If the foundation of the company were to be pinned to one point in time, it would be the sight of late-80’s NYC littered with trash, most of which was unwanted single-use plastic bags stuck in trees and gutters. From there, the classic Eco-Bags String Bag was born! It debuted at the 1990 NYC Earth Day celebration, and sold out in a mere four hours.

Since then, Eco-Bags has introduced organic and recycled cotton to the line, long before there was market awareness for it. All recycled fibers are post-industrial, which keeps waste from the landfill. All dyes are non-toxic, and the entire supply chain is certified by SA-8000 (Social Accountability International).

Eco-Bags believes that big problems can be solved without creating new ones. A tiny pioneer brand can create the change we want to see: committed to producing a wide range of sustainable, durable, reusable alternatives to single-use plastics, sourcing and producing ethically, and continually seeking to reduce their environmental impact from seed to sewing.

Article from our Kolya Summer Box (2021) Magazine.

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