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Featuring 4 simple ingredients, this natural DIY wavy beach hair spray is great for summertime hair!

Mist this DIY Beach Hair Spray into your hair while it is damp, dry, or throughout the day to give your hair ultimate volume and add texture to any curly locks. 


Enjoy our Recipe

Servings: 1 250 mL Glass Spray Bottle



  1. Using a funnel in the 250 mL bottle, add 10 drops of lavender essential oil, 1 tbsp sea salt, 1 tsp coconut oil and top up with 1 cup of water.
  2. Cap & shake well to dissolve the salt.

To use:

  1. Shake vigorously and spritz over damp hair.
  2. If desired, scrunch hair.
  3. Allow to air dry, and style as usual.


    Shake before each use to help infuse the lavender essential oil into each spray.

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