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“Beauty [is] not a chore, or a luxury, but something you do to make yourself happy.” For Tata Harper, a pioneer in natural skincare, beauty will never come at the expense of our health.

“I couldn’t find anything that was effective, made of high-quality ingredients, and pleasant to use. I knew if I was looking for results without worrying about my safety, other women must be too, so I decided to create my own.”

This is why she launched Tata Harper Skincare in 2010. Harper didn’t just want to make basic toners and oils, but an effective, safe, beautiful line of skincare that can compete with the most high-end conventional products. Raised in Baranquilla, Columbia, Tata Harper now resides on a New England farm with her husband (and co-CEO) and three children, where she grows ingredients and manufactures products. Not every ingredient can be grown on the farm, but what can, Tata Harper cultivates herself. The farm is 100% organic and boasts a wide array of herbs such as calendula, arnica, alfalfa, chamomile, borage, and more. The remaining ingredients are carefully selected from around the world.

“I feel very happy creating a product that not only makes your skin beautiful, but also keeps people healthy and improves quality of life.” Products must be 100% free from GMO’s, toxins, fillers, and artificial anything. If a product isn’t perfect by Tata, then the product doesn’t launch.

Running Tata Harper Skincare is very busy. Along with caring for her family, Tata Harper is always on her toes. “I love doing this,” she says. It is a true labour of love, but creating products that not only makes the skin beautiful, but also keeps people healthy and improves quality of life, “that is extremely rewarding.”

Article from our Kolya Summer Box (2021) Magazine.

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