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Medicine Flower Flavouring oils are included in our Kolya Apothecary DIY kits. As a little goes a long way, you’ll have plenty left over from your kit. They can be used all around the home, and not just in the kitchen.


Why do we love Medicine Flower?

The philosophy of Medicine Flower is the provision of quality ingredients that put sustainability first. Their line of natural flavouring oils is created from materials sourced directly from farmers and distillers all over the world, some of whom have been in the business for over 150 years.

In a single vial of Medicine Flower flavouring, you’ll find a highly potent, highly concentrated oil that is derived from completely natural botanical sources. Compared to other organic flavouring extracts, Medicine Flower is up to 70x more concentrated, which means it goes further and lasts longer. A mere 1-5 drops of Medicine Flower flavour oil is equal to a full teaspoon of conventional flavour extracts!


How is it made?

The flavourings are made through a proprietary cold-process extraction method from the actual plant on the label: unlike most other “Natural Flavours,” they are not synthesized in a lab.

Every food-grade oil is wheat, gluten, and grain free. Keto-friendly! Produced from entirely natural sources that are either sustainably sourced or wildcrafted, and always non-GMO. It contains no calories, no sugars, no preservatives, no colourants, no fillers, and are neither tested on nor do they contain animal ingredients. They are soluble in both water and oil.

They can be used just about anywhere. As they are food grade, you can use them in cooking and baking. Use them for their beautiful aromas, such as natural perfumes or room scents, or cosmetics like lip balms or this Wild Raspberry Body Scrub.


A little goes a long way

Add a single drop to fresh-squeezed juice for a flavour punch, or ramp up the taste in home baking.

As Medicine Flower oils are highly concentrated, a single vial will last a long time. Very little is needed to flavour anything from carbonated fizzy water, tea, hot coffees or herbal drinks, ice creams, smoothies, and more.

1-2 drops are all that’s needed for up to 1 litre of liquid, and 5-7 drops for most recipes that contain fat, such as muffins or custards.

We love to add either peppermint, vanilla, or both into our Harmonic Arts mushroom hot chocolate for a super simple, sugar-free beverage to warm us up on a cold winter day.



We can also use our oils outside of the kitchen. Scent homemade massage oils, botanical balms, bath oils, candles, and even cold-processed soaps.


Kolya Naturals values quality with a primary focus on the earth and wellness. As Medicine Flower’s goal is to support sustainable organic agriculture, fair trade sourcing, and earth-nurturing values, we’re thrilled to include their flavouring oils in our home recipes. We love them! And think you will too.

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