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Hi, "7 Gifts For Father's Day," I'm Dad!

So, when exactly does a joke become a “dad” joke? Although your dad probably insists that he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day this year, as the guy you looked up to (literally) for so many years, you’d still like to get him a small token to show your appreciation for everything he does for the family.

Finding the perfect present for your dad can be tricky, though. We want to give him something he’ll actually use, something meaningful, and in-line with our eco-conscious ideals. So, here’s a list of 7 gifts to get dad for Father’s Day this year… and don’t worry, much like turning a joke into a “dad” joke, once you see it, it’ll be “apparent.”


Dr. Hauschka Hair Tonic

Sometimes, finding a quality hair product for Father’s Day is as elusive as finding the man on the moon… how does the man on the moon cut his hair, anyway...?

...Well, ‘eclipse it!

(Hello? Is this thing on?)

This Hair Tonic from legendary Dr. Hauschka invigorates and balances the scalp. Laying the foundation for healthy hair, dad will very quickly notice a big change in the quality of his mop right to the tips. With an aromatic herbal fragrance that is perfectly unisex, it can also be used as a gentle setting or styling lotion for the hair. Its light texture is soft to the touch and not too sticky. And bearing that, it is also suitable for vegans, as it contains no animal products including beeswax. Did you know that bees have incredibly sticky hair? And why? Well, because they use honeycombs!


The Nobleman Botanical Face Oil

Pura Botanicals delivers this fast-absorbing, completely natural blend of pure essential oils. Made to nourish, decongest, and protect both the skin and facial hair, dad is going to love this. Its earthy, luxurious, not-too-pretentious scent comes from bergamot (a natural cleanser), sandalwood (targets inflammation), and cedarwood, which naturally brightens the complexion. Dad will love The Nobleman from Pura. Quite simply, regular application of quality face oil is good for the skin. It’s true! ...Let that sink in.


Vegiday Protein Powder

For the father that works hard! Vegiday Protein Powder is a great supplement to a healthy diet and active lifestyle. It comes in multiple flavours, including vanilla, and a most decadent chocolate. It features pea, rice, pumpkin, quinoa, spirulina, and chlorella, so it’s packed with phytonutrients.

It’s soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, with 20g of raw, organic protein per serving. Best of all, though delicious enough for the dad that loves his BBQs and dairy-based protein powders, it’s totally vegan! Woah, no dairy? Really? No whey!



Da Capo Coffee

We know we made that bad mushroom joke earlier about not wanting to get in “truffle,” but we all know it wasn’t true. We weren’t very well behaved. Honestly, as kids, we were much more like coffee beans… always getting grounded!

Da Capo Coffee is new to our shelves, but we at Kolya Naturals have been sipping this brew behind the scenes for years. It is carefully selected from completely ethical sources and roasted right here in our home town of Edmonton. Choose from a variety of blends and roasts. Grind the beans with your home-grinder of choice, or this compact Porlex II hand grinder. Enjoy it however you like your brew! We’re fond of the Chemex system, or this simple single-cup Hario Ceramic Dripper!

Whether dad is an aspiring home barista, a lover of the pour-over, or a drip coffee connoisseur, Da Capo’s carefully crafted coffees are the best way for dad to get creative with his morning joe and espresso himself!


Living Libations Maverick Face Creme

Do you know the leading cause of dry skin? …Towels.

(We’ll let ourselves out.)

This deeply moisturizing Maverick Face Crème from Living Libations is made with nourishing natural botanicals and skin-loving plant-based lipids. The soothing nature of chamomile, cardamom, and lavender smooths and soothes the skin, and it’s rich in texture, making it fantastic as an after-shave or hydrating balm after cleansing. It contains natural sandalwood and frankincense, which evens out skin tones, brightens the complexion, and smells heavenly.

This Maverick Face Crème is a great start or addition to dad’s skincare routine. Even the most stubborn dad might admit how much loves his freshly hydrated, deeply nourished skin... you will just need to listen varicosity.


Harmonic Arts Kickstart Mushroom Elixir Blend

When we were kids, we were pretty well behaved… perfect little buttons, really! Those busy mornings, we ate our breakfast while dad drank his coffee, and we always got school on time. We just didn’t want to get in truffle!

Get dad to kickstart his day with the power of mushrooms! This is a fully organic coffee substitute rich with a mix of nutritious herbs and chaga mushrooms. Made on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, it’s great for those who love to buy Canadian-made. Yerba mate, maca, and roasted dandelion is a natural boost to energy levels without the jitters often associated with coffee. We like it iced and blended with honey and milk (or homemade nut mylk, made with this funky unbleached cotton bag). Dad, though, depending on his tastes, might prefer it plain.

Mushroom elixirs are a unique and interesting Father’s Day gift idea. And while he may not be convinced by fungus at first, we promise, it’ll grow on him.





Joco Reusable Glass Coffee Cups

Has dad ever found himself drinking coffee in his pyjamas, only to turn to you and say, “I should really buy a cup?”

Joco’s reusable glass coffee cup is just the thing he needs! This is a highly-durable, eco-friendly alternative to the daily single-use coffee cup. It’s lightweight, transportable, highly resistant to acids and thermal shock, and retains heat wonderfully. Borosilicate glass means it’s free from BPAs, lead, and cadmiums.

Dad will be able to take Joco reusable coffee cups almost anywhere, even on family vacations! Just be sure to pack it in checked luggage, though, otherwise to get on the plane you may have to s-mug-gle it in.


Dads can be pretty tricky to shop for, especially if your father is the type that never asks for anything. We’ve done the hard work for you and thought up a few great Father’s Day gifts for dad! And while we’re certain he’ll appreciate anything we give him, be sure to sign the card with a good old fashioned dad pun— because that’s just how eye roll.


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