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Say hello to Tia!

She's an academia wiz and business superstar. Tia works tirelessly to ensure Kolya and sister company Optimum Health are on-track to serve the community as best we can. Always on the go, she’s a one-woman powerhouse. Like many other talented, hard working individuals, the holidays hardly slow down someone like Tia. These hand-chosen items keep her feeling her best and kicking keister every day!


Stress-Relax Mental Calmness Chewables

"These quick, easy, and admittedly tasty L-theanine tablets are the perfect to have in your purse for the moments where life gets a little overwhelming!"


Botanica Elevated Protein

"Starting your day with a great source of protein is critical. The Botanica Elevated Proteins not only provide a source of vegan protein with a low carb and sugar content, but they also contain added ingredients to support the day ahead. My personal pick is the adrenal support formula to help offset busy days & an abundance of coffee."


Jack 59's Energize Shampoo & Conditioner

"Quick showers are a must in my world! Not only are the Jack 59 shampoo bars my favourite hair care products, but they are also quick and easy. My hair is left soft and easy to manage for the day ahead."


Ayuna's Face Wash (Nourishing Artisan Soap Bar)

"Mornings & nights alike are usually a little rushed. The Ayuna face wash has become a quick favourite of mine given that it leaves my face feeling super clean with little effort." 


Kosas Concealer

"Quick and easy makeup is a must in my world! Compared to other similar products, the Kosas concealer can be applied quickly and confidently. It is light and smooth but provides great coverage for the work day ahead. Add some blush & mascara and you can be off to the races in under 5 minutes!"


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