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Wave hello to Shyra.

Introverted by nature, you’ll find Shyra cozying up at home with a fuzzy cat, a good book, a warm blanket, and a steaming cup of tea almost all winter long. Unsure what to get your hermit friend who rejoices in cancelled plans and Netflix binges? Any one of Shyra’s selections will fit the bill!


Pura Botanicals’ Overnight Garden Mask

"Though this is intended to be an overnight mask, I love lathering this all over my face while multitasking. I like to leave it on for a few hours while doing chores, cooking, cleaning, etc., then finishing off the night with a bath and letting the botanicals fully immerse my skin, with the help of added steam."


Fenwick Candles’ No. 4 - Lavender

"With furry friends in the home, I’m very cautious of what candles/scents I bring into the house. These clean-burning candles are the perfect way to bring a cozy ambiance to any room, without the toxic chemicals of most conventional options."


Earth’s Aromatique Vitali-Tea

"This blend of herbs is my all-time favourite for everyday sipping. It’s not only incredibly nourishing for the nervous and immune system, but it’s delicious too."


Masontops Multi Tops Flip Cap Lids

"Reducing, reusing and recycling is so much easier with these handy lids! Whether you’re drinking smoothies, saving a great salad recipe or using them to store quinoa (for easy pouring), I consider them a household staple. They’re especially great for a cute way to store cloths in the kitchen or bathroom for easy access - using a simple folding method, quickly make your own paper towel alternative for convenience; I like to use Cheek’s Ahoy Unpaper Towels."


Jarmazing’s Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Lid

"I’m a huge fan of Mason Jars and these soap dispensers allow me to display them all over the home. They’re an eco-friendly way to substitute disposable hand soap bottles AND they’re super cute too!

Psst - you can make your own soaps at a fraction of the cost of regular soaps, that are just as great as store-bought options; my current favourite recipe is filling ½ a mason jar with Unscented Castile Soap, the other half with water, and topping off with 5 drops of Thieves Essential Oil Blend for a cozy and effective soap (shaking to mix, as needed)."


Le Comptoir’s Kyoto Ultrasonic Diffuser

"A must-have for rooms throughout my home. Not only can you combine a variety of essential oils to suit your aromatherapeutic desire, but it’s beautiful too, lighting up any room."


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