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Say hello to Rebecca!

She is a 22-year-old self-proclaimed skincare junkie who requests a new lotion, potion, or serum for every birthday, anniversary, or holiday. She can’t get enough! With a normal skin type, she backs up these products to quench the thirst of any skincare addict.


Broccofusion Sulforaphane Lotion

"Newco's Broccofusion Lotion is my go-to facial moisturizer for year round glowy, radiant skin. It’s perfect for all skin types, moisturizes without feeling weighty, and is great for anti-acne and anti-aging. Both of my sisters and mother tried mine out and now they use it daily themselves!"


RMS “Un” Cover-Up

"I like my makeup to have additional added skincare benefits. The rich formula of this concealer adds much needed moisture to my under-eye area."


Clear Skin Targeted Treatment

"This is my favourite product for treating minor breakouts. I find a small dab on a zit before bed reduces redness and expedites the healing process much faster than any other conventional product I’ve ever tried."


Vanilla Best Skin Ever

"An absolute dream product for removing makeup and moisturizing the skin. This formula smells so amazing and is always a comfort in cold weather."


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