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Say hello to John,

the founder and owner of Optimum Health Vitamins.

Though John notes the value of tailoring picks to each individual’s unique needs, this broad selection comprises his must-haves for a health conscious lifestyle.


Neptune Krill

"For the potent and far reaching effects of Astaxanthin."


Opti-Liv Extra

"Because supporting liver function is essential in our everyday world!"


Cell Fuel

"Kick-a** mitochondrial support!"


Opti-Immune C&F

"This product is my go-to for immune support because it creates immune balance. It not only improves immune system efficacy but simultaneously reduces inflammation, helping me fight bugs faster, with fewer symptoms."


CanPrev Immuno Multi

"After years of trying different multivitamins, Immuno Multi has remained my top pick!"


Natural Factors Vegan Protein

"As someone who is dairy intolerant, this protein not only checks the ingredient boxes but is my favourite tasting vegan protein!"


Natural Factors Total Body Collagen

"As an avid collagen fan since the 1990’s, Total Body Collagen not only supports my skin, hair, nails and joints but also adds some extra protein to my routine."


Opti-Vitamin D3

"While there are many Vitamin Ds on the market, this particular formula is microencapsulated, making it a superior form of Vitamin D to support immune function."


Opti-Elite Probiotics

"This particular strain of DDS is highly researched and also very effective. I find it especially helpful when looking to reduce my reactions to food and yeast."


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